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My angry and “hmmm” face


"I want you to free up your mind.
And clear everything out your head.
Block all the negative vibes.
And listen to me instead.
importing positive subliminal messages.
Exporting everything that i said. you can trip if you want.
I’ll evenin play you a song.
the only place I want you right now.
Is right here In my arms.
This ain’t anything soft.
I’m saying something heavy.”


Never should of done it.
Why didn’t I ever have the feelings
How come everything I touch turn to stone.
Why did I have to fuck up in the past.
Wanting this curse..
To finally have a ending.
The old me is gone.
You don’t even have to worry.
Finally finish the last paragraph to my story..
No more feeling sad.
No more feeling mad.
Finally I realize.
The ego in me has died.
No more tears for me to cry.
As I remain empty still inside.
Looking for that missing half.
Now the puzzle need to match.
hoping we’ll stay attached.”



"Its dead.
You thinking that I did it.
It was you.
Just too terrified to admit it.
Now that I’m really sad.
You don’t have to worry.
It wasnt trying to attack.
Only was telling you a story.
now it time for it rest.
And finally be at peace.”

Photo Set
  • "Darling take me home.
  • To a castle made of skulls and bones.
  • Sing me a song to remind me where I belong.
  • In your arms.
  • My love in cold blood."
  • - HIM
Photo Set

On my way to be the worlds greatest pokemon master, long journey ahead of me. New people to meet. Places to see. New friends to journey with… who knows.